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John W Kennedy - John W Kennedy Consultants, Inc., Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. (ZGSI) & Mitigation of Diseases, Inc. (MODI)

University of Wisconsin Bachelor of science degree in Botany and Natural Science with minors in English and History.

Educational credits received at the United States Dept. of Agriculture Graduate School in New York, NY with advanced studies in The Biological Sciences.

John W. Kennedy, the founder and a major stockholder of, (ZGSI), is deeply involved with NASA in proof of concept, proprietary stem cell experiments on board the space station. John has spent much of the last 10 years developing a unique modality for the Mitigation of several devasting diseases, Including remediation of several cancerous and arthritic diseases through his company; (MODI). He is renowned in his field and well respected by his peers as being a talented, honest and tenaciously dedicated scientist.


john wayne kennedyEntered the USDA as an Inspector for the plant quarantine division with an assignment in new york in February, 1962. Promoted through the ranks, writing and co-autoring many scientific papers as well as working extensively with most types of pesticides, to eventually be the first to fill a newly created position as The Pesticide Registration Officer for the USDA in Washington DC. Further promoted to Staff Officer where he was responsible for the organization of several successful biological pest control programs; Later promoted to Staff Officer and assumed the leadership responsiblities of the successful control of isolted infestations of the gypsy moth in San Jose California in 1977. Included with his duties, was the requirement to explain the treatment programs in great depth to all involved, including the media. Quite often groups resisted all attemptsfor treatment and used any means of intervention,. Sucecss was achieved in all instances where confrontation was involved. Represented the USDA, and APHIS with other federal agencies such as the EPA, and The Department of Interior on the armed forces pest control Board which recommended the pesticide and the pplication methods for pesticides used across the United Stated and for other armed forces facilities around the world

Started, and owns John W. Kennedy Consultants Inc. a consulting firm to povide technical and scientific advice to the Agrochemical industry, Governments, international agencies and environmental organizations dealing with regulatory issues. The primary function is to obtain clearances from The US Environmental Protection Agency. JWCK has represented over 90 companies and organizations in nineteen countries. Organizations include: The Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), the National Agricultural Chemical Association (NACA), the American Crop Protection Association(ACPA), and the US Forest Service before the US Environmental Protection Agency and The California Department of Food and Agriculture. Served on many task forces for clients and has provided testimony as an expert witness, has assisted Mexico and Central and South American countries in complying with US regulations. He has recently provided seminars and training on many subjects including the current state of the technology in aerial application, including use of GPS, models and drift detection devices for better management of programs. Seminars were given to the US EPA, USDA-APHIS, The state of Maryland regulatory officials, The Propanil Task Force and other groups. Kennedy is active in professional organizations, including the Entomological Society of AMerica, and the Insecticide Society of Washington, serving as chairman in 1976. He attended annual meeting for organizations such as The ACPA, Environmental Protection seminars and The Brighten, England international Conference.


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