JW Kennedy Foundation Executive Summary

Prevention InterventionThe mission of the JW Kennedy Foundation, Inc. (JWKF), a non-profit corporation, established in the state of Texas in August 2014, is to inform and introduce disease prevention and wellness protocols. Our goal is to help assist in reducing the accelerating caseloads being experienced by the present disease maintenance and health management systems.

The Foundation will work toward establishing an Integrative Healing & Longevity Network that integrates environmental and natural medicine research with education for the rehabilitation of the general public, veterans and disabled Americans who are suffering from degenerative diseases.

The Foundation’s goal is to “give hope a chance” by introducing the latest technologies to prevent and/or combat degenerative diseases. The Integrative Healing & Longevity Center will concentrate on emphasizing the importance of medicinal nutrition “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” (Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine) as well as encouraging regular doctor visits.

The Integrative Framework Plan includes a Virtual Healing Forum, an online strategy to communicate and interact with its members, physicians, health care practioners and people in need by disseminating the latest information on plant-based nutrition, diet, sonic exercise, H2 & alkaline water for maximize hydration, neural imprinter for pain management, and non-invasive ionic mineral therapy to combat free radicals. The Virtual Forum will have leading thought leaders in various disciplines as well as interactive responses from its members on their experiences with various modalities and therapies. It will strive to become a “one stop center” for innovative healing technologies and health information.

The Foundation believes that there is a small, but growing trend in the medical profession that believes and practices an integrative medicine approach to healing and that it is a pathway to future healthcare solutions. There is also an environmental movement that is concerned about the quality of the air we breathe, food we consume and energy we use. In addition, there is a growing number of people concerned about what the International Health Organization calls “hidden hunger” (the lack of essential nutrients left in the tillable soil due to a drive by agriculture to produce commodity foods) that will have a long term adverse impact on our children.

The JWKF believes that the current “medical industrial complex” over emphasized a disease maintenance and management system that is highly specialized in various disciplines i.e., heart, liver, prostate, etc., and that current, well researched discoveries in naturopathic medicine, including medicinal plants, will create a paradigm shift to a holistic and integrative approach to health and wellness for all health givers. The Foundation’s strategy is to become a disease prevention and wellness institute for veterans and all who need healthcare through their integrated framework.

The JWKF will be supported through membership fees and donations to its ongoing educational programs and projects to sustain a healthy lifestyle. The Foundation believes that the future of disease prevention can be accomplished with new noninvasive technology, nutritional research and healthcare education.


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