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John Wayne Kennedy

Pathfinder Science for the Prevention and Treatment of Disease

The mission of the Foundation is to conduct the NDM Preclinical Research by providing volunteer candidates to treat their serious diseases, free of charge, with the topical NDM cream provided by Mitigation of Diseases, Inc.

"Our mission is to give hope a chance for those losing their battle against serious diseases free of charge."

John W. Kennedy has spent much of the last 10 years developing a unique modality for the Mitigation of several devastating diseases, Including remediation of several cancerous and arthritic diseases through his company; (MODI). He is renowned in his field and well respected by his peers as being a talented, honest and tenaciously dedicated scientist.

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product testimonials

"And of course, the question is, how in the world did this happen. I was saturated with lethal cancer cells everywhere. I had no chemo, I had no radiation or operation, and now they are gone. Thank you, Patrick. Thank you, Scott. And especially John Kennedy, from the bottom of my heart."

- Craig Wells
"Am I going to live to see Christmas?" by Craig Wells, December 2011

Biominix Introduction

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What is Cancer? (Credit: Cancer Treatment Centers of America)

Introduction to the Cancer Cell Treatment

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